The Dark Goddess Of Mercury Retrograde

Let’s go there ! Because no, you cannot just blow this one off.

There are people who think the celestial bodies have little or no effect upon human behavior. Most of those folks are trying to be scientific and approach the phenomena with critical thinking. That’s one way to understand the world around us, but it does not reveal everything. Mercury retrograde is said to affect our logical thoughts and everyday minor activities. It pertains mostly to communications. When things need to be repeated frequently, appointments are missed, small accidents are prolific, and you “just can’t think straight,” check out an ephemeris to see if Mercury is retrograde. You might be surprised. And, if you also think the full moon is merely an astronomical reality and nothing more, you should talk to some nurses and doctors in the emergency room of your local hospital. You might be surprised at what they have observed.

One only needs to have their Natal Chart done, to read what seems like the answer all along to problems, issues, trends, and the mirror of you no one could possibly know.


Yes, Mercury in retrograde does affect us. When a planet becomes retrograde the energy of that planet is concentrated and unable to express itself freely. Mercury is the planet of ideas and communication so you will see its effects in anything having to do with speaking, writing, thinking and all other forms of communication. For instance from the time Mercury entered its shadow period (the time prior to an eclipse when Mercury slows down) I have experienced the following:

Strange computer glitches on a regular basis.

Strange copier glitches on a normally very reliable copier.

People showing up for an appointment at the wrong time or even the wrong day.

Difficulty in getting something mailed on time to reach a person on a certain date.

My mind is not as clear as usual and it takes me longer to formulate my thoughts.

Packages are delivered to the wrong address.

You can arm yourself…..


Rose Quartz Brings All The Love

Blue Lace Agate Activates Calming Energy

Turquoise Teaches You To Speak Your Truth

Select Selenite To Cleanse Your Aura

Hematite Gets Rid Of Everything Dark & Twisty

Amethyst Alleviates Stress & Anxiety

Citrine Cultivates Positive Communication

Clear Quartz Clears The Cobwebs


She will find you anyway, and when you least expect her.

I drafted a timeline of the worst that I was thrown, family deaths, cancer, diabetes, son’s dark night of the soul, crazy job things….. ALL were right before or during a Mercury Retrograde.

This, my friends, is the Dark Goddess coming to visit us.

I have developed a personal relationship with her. In fact, I invite her to sit down, and have a long deep talk.

She helps me see what’s not working, and she helps me along the path. Nothing is forgotten, and everything is brought up. You cannot hide and you sweep nothing under the carpet that isn’t found!

Let me explain, I should not even be here. I am basically a cat, that has been given more than one life after I should have been dead. Car accident, when hit by a semi, and was whirled completely around onto on coming traffic on a freeway, and survived. Stage 4 ovarian and colon cancer that was considered operable but would only return, and it did, and then again after a will made and durable power of attorney complete, was never found ?

I gave her my only son, even though I SAW everything that would happen and after I shared all with him!!, it played out exactly as was showed to me, still.

He is alive, profoundly changed, also a devotee.

Dark nights of the soul ain’t got NOTHING on her!

She has tested everything that I am about.

When you’re magic is working with all the energies, planets, movements…….it is also your biggest asset, when everything you know is gone, or dramatically changed and you are left with the job of moving on, picking up all the pieces and yourself and actually morphing on this journey. We NEVER stay the same person. Liminal US will change many times. There is profound knowledge to be had and found when you are staring at the destruction of all that was ! Yes that is the MOST strongest magick.

I in my simplest self, have come to know her intimately, so that now I dance with her. I realize that stripped down to my basic elements, I am, even her, at the core.

We are born of the dark, we whirl in a vortex of light, then dark, many times and we return to the dark. Essentially great things are born from the dark, and it is NOT a monster in the closet.

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