September’s Harvest Moon

Aaaah, September, last quarter August Red Moon, Grain Moon before September’s Harvest New Moon.


Finding balance in our lives, moving to a slower rhythm and darkening evenings, giving thanks and enjoying abundance are all the themes now.

The Crone has arrived. She doesn’t make a flashy entrance, but dances, silent, in the shadows on the fringe, outside the heat and light, if you notice.

Enjoying the break from summer….. hoora done, this is the real time of power!

I ask her for strength and wisdom, knowing I have both, but somehow connecting with her, going deep, channeling her greatness and journaling so I can keep everything and not forget, is important.

At times her messages and knowing are so clear, other times, not so much.

Stress and those on-demand flashes don’t always come when you call, but the stillness and peace in letting it all go brings the true calm after the storm.


The season of the Hag, and Crone is at hand.

The liminal times bring delight, a clip of gray before the light of morning, longer, darker, languorous, misted mornings enjoyed with silence and a cup of coffee, my thoughts are hers; and at first dusk of evening, when the day’s hassles and events are past. Reveling in that moment, unfurled happiness, when the seasons change and no expectations placed, brilliance magically appears, but to catch it takes practice and a keen mind’s eye.

The birds all gather in my nearby tree like harvest dinner companions. Crone, Hag Magick is the quiet stillness and restraint from demanded action. She does it all in her own time, her lesson is unexpected.

Resurrected wishes are let go, not hung onto too tight, but allowed to unfold, so burned in the cauldron of hope and released onto the air and rise to the moon!


The weather is ready to change and it waits like a beating heart. Caws of crows undulate, hummingbirds feed and pulse near, a group of 12, and branches and leaves move in delight.

The time has begun.

She is the wild old woman; the witch; and mistress of magic.

The Crone encourages us to be wild and free, she shows us the strength and courage within us all.

She lights a lantern, allowing us to see the truth and our wisdom, clearly.

The Crone has lived through decades of Winters and danced under hundreds of New Moons.

Cooler misty mornings….darkness is cozying up like a long missed visitor….even the crows have been communicating lately, ‘take the heat off’….I agree…..bring on October, but first I’ll sip September slow, like a nice spiced tea!

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