The Twelve Days Of Fester

Today starts the 12 Days Of Fester.

When you love all things Addams, especially Uncle Fester, and when you love Halloween even a little more than Christmas…….12 days of Fester is the Holiday you need.

While The “12 Days of Christmas” is a concept of Christian theology that describes the time period from Christ’s birth to the arrival of the three wise men,

Uncle Fester does his own thing, his own way and I know he LOVED Halloween.

The 12 days of Fester starts on 10/21 and moves through his birthday on 10/26 and goes to Halloween Eve on 10/29. There’s even a New Moon on 10/25 and Fester LOVES the Moon.

Now here’s the 🎵 🎶 song……

On the 12 days of fester I gave to my uncle …….

12 lightbulbs dancing 
11 cannonballs for firing
10  a screw press for headaches 
9 ….slingshot for hurling 
8 $3 dollar bills 
7 a bed of nails 
6 a tin reflector for Moonlight relaxing
5 ….antique Blunderbuss musket
4 Falcons on roof for hunting 
3 a great battle axe
2 …treehouse for watching lightning
1  and a motorcycle for riding indoors !

Uncle Fester’s known ancestry dates back to his great-grandfather, Blob (not to be confused with Gomez’s Cousin Blob, a two-headed ghost), who received the gift of a sacred ruby after he had pried it from the head of a Hindu (whom it was giving a terrible headache). The ruby remained in the family until Fester unthinkingly used his slingshot to hurl it at a yowling stray cat. “It was the only rock in the house!” he said in his defense. 

Happy 12 Days Of Fester


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