Lunar Samhain

Lunar Samhain, can be considered ‘The Real Hallow’s Eve’, and is the cross-quarter Holy Day on The Wheel of the Year, half way between Equinox and Solstice. It is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another lunar cycle, seasonal cycle, and solar cycle as we enter into the dark and still time where all creation begins anew.

It is a time to dive into our subconscious and affirm our courage to step into the mystery, into the unknown. A time to honour those that walked before us on the path of life and give our respect to our ancestors.

Just as trick or treaters wear masks-

Take Off The Mask:  Feel into any ways that you may be inauthentic with yourself and any masks that you may be wearing that aren’t serving the essence of who you are. 

There is Power & Magic during Lunar Samhain.

We are in the dark moon phase of the Year.

It is our rest period, when we move inward to review the cycle that is coming to completion.

This is a time when we intuitively trust our knowing based on the stored wisdom of our cyclic experience, instead of just what we can see. There is a keen sensing in the dark.

Samhain, the metaphoric dark moon season.

This is Alchemy season.

Get outside and draw inward. Drop deep, nurture, and renew in the dark.

The moon brings out the most ancient, primal remembrances in us all.

When we become in tune with the moon we embrace our wildest self.

Samhain is a time where the veil between the worlds is thin, which makes the coming 12 days super potent when it comes to intuition, psychic impressions, dreams, prophecy and mysticism. A great time to cozy up by a fire or light some candles and listen to your inner voice. 


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