The Storm Moon

It’s the time of the Storm Moon, the month when Spring finally arrives, around the time of the Equinox, and we see new life begin to spring forth. As the Wheel of the Year turns once more, heavy rains and gray skies abound — the earth is being showered with the life-giving water it needs to have a fertile and healthy growing season. This is also a time of equal parts light and darkness, and so a time of balance.

The Storm Moon is a time to do magick for fertility and strength. 

This is a good time to do magic to help you face life’s challenges.

Now is the energy of the balancing force that connects all of us with all worlds, seen and unseen. It offers potent energy for healing spells, psychic dreamwork, protection in or on water, dream magic, and curse breaking.

March is the Windy Moon. As winter turns to spring, storms sweep in and high winds damage trees and homes.

The first hard rains of Spring will wash the salt away from the roads and clear what Winter left behind. The torrential downpours accompanied by thunder and lightning, will either have us on the edge of our seat or make us want to run outside and embrace.

The energy that creates a storm charges the air all around you, to the very ground you stand on. To the wind that blows, and to the rain that falls, are all empowered.

Storm magick is wild. 

Any water collected while you are connected to the storm is especially potent for you and your craft.

Use your Storm Water for banishing; for honoring the Divine; to honor and regenerate yourself; for justice spells; and for spells for success. Sprinkle it in areas that you wish to protect. 


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