Day Of Selene

Feb. 7 is the Greek Day of Selene: Moon Goddess

Selene presides over the full moon, a seven-day period that lasts from three days before fullness to three days after, when certain kinds of Magic are at their greatest strength. 

It is Selene’s aspect that is invoked in the Drawing Down The Moon ritual. Witches sometimes call upon her in magic related to finding solutions to problems.

Represented as a woman with the moon (often in crescent form) on her head and driving a two-horse chariot. As Luna, she had temples at Rome on the Aventine and Palatine hills.

Selene has the power to give sleep and to light the night. She has control over time, and like the moon itself, she is ever-changing.

Because Selene is the moon, her powers align with lunar magic, healing, intuition, psychic abilities, dreams, emotions, and much more!

On the shadow side you need to ask, whether the amount of energy and time you are putting into relationships, or enthusiasm for projects is excessive? 

Leave an offering of moonstones, silver, moon water, a small horse figurine or drawing, a poem, etc. to appease her. 

She is a silent watcher most of the time and her energy is most strongly felt on the waxing or waning gibbous and full moon phases. 

Make her and yourself a cup of tea, sit by a window or outside where you can see her and have a chat with her. Use a pendulum or tarot cards to receive answers or guidance.

Mother of the sacred Craft of herbs and magick,

come in this sacred place with good will

come to this circle I summon thee.

Mistress of the tides, of waters
of intuition and psychic powers
bless my tools, bless my work.

I am ready as I have passed the sword of daring.

“We who are Priestesses of the Moon know how to bring it through in its pure form, undiluted by matter, and we call it the moon-force.”  Dion Fortune, Moon Magic

Selene was considered the all-seeing eye of the night because the moon would always be visible in the night sky, and no one could run from it.

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