The Witches’ Thanksgiving

Mabon celebrates the bounty of the garden and is basically the witches’ Thanksgiving.  It occurs at the same time as the autumnal equinox and honors the Goddess who becomes the Crone.  We harvest the last of the summer garden and get ready for winter.


Fill your home and altar with apples, pomegranates, corn stalks, horn of plenty, dried leaves, wheat stalks, baskets of cinnamon scented pine cones, red and yellow, & orange candles.
This is a time when we come together to be grateful for the bounty we receive from the land. It is also a time for celebrating the bounty we receive from our own efforts and hard work.
~make your own herbal, spice incense
~ take a hike in the woods
~make shrunken apple heads
~make a wand
~visit a farm, or your near Farmer’s Market
~make a feast…….some ideas
a roasted chicken
local fruits, vegetables
baked pork with apples or apple butter
baked sweet potatoes
~make crockpot applesauce
In giving thanks, we claim our real power, and with our clear eyes and open hearts, we can shape a very different, more honest and compassionate future for all.

Celebrate the inward journey

Join Persephone as she descends

Mother Earth turns toward Crone

As we dance the last dance

Half is day, Half is night

Harvest Moon, Orange sight


Mabon is the conventional first day of fall, so the leaves are turning colors and it finally feels like autumn.

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