The Jackal Moon Is Coming

Upon the knee of the horizon balanced the head of a Jackal Moon, so-called because, once every generation or so, a smear of celestial flotsam converged behind the crescent moon of early autumn.

Always a fearsome sight, the impact was creepy, a look of a brow and a snout. Be scared of the real jackals.

from book – Son Of A Witch


After finishing the sequel to Wicked by Gregory Maguire, the quote above, from the book, got me to thinking about the real likelihood of a Jackal Moon. It sounds so mysterious and dangerous.

The moon of early autumn would be the month of September, since the first day of autumn is this month. So by Gregory’s account, we are, truly, headed toward a Jackal Moon.

If we need intelligence, cunning and a strategic approach, what better time to employ this than on the approaching Jackal Moon.


Jackals and coyotes  (sometimes called the American jackal ) are opportunistic omnivores, predators of small to medium-sized animals and proficient scavengers. Their long legs and curved canine teeth are adapted for hunting small mammals, birds, and reptiles, and their large feet and fused leg bones give them a physique well-suited for long-distance running, capable of maintaining speeds of 16 km/h (9.9 mph) for extended periods of time. Jackals are most active at dawn and dusk.

Like foxes and coyotes, jackals are often depicted as clever sorcerers in the myths and legends of their regions.

Anubis is the Greek name for a jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egypt.


Anubis is a master, and through his eyes you receive education, knowledge, and protection. He guides people, leading them through darkness.

The jackal is mentioned roughly 14 times in the Bible.

In Bengali tantrik traditions jackals are considered as representative of Goddess Kali. It is said that the Goddess appears as jackals when meat is offered to her.

Jackals live by their wits and their reputation as the tricksters of the animal world is due to their keen ability to survive.

Jackals represent loyalty, bravery, resourcefulness  and efficiency.


Utilize this moon for finishing a problem or overcoming deceit in real life.

The Jackal is also known for its adaptability. When you are having difficulties trying to fit in your surrounding call on jackals healing power and it will help you. The Jackal is bold and courageous which allow him to be a favourite of the crowd. A trait that you must learn from a jackal to help you blend into your environment.

Call on Jackal as an animal spirit when…

  • You need protection.
  • You need to blend in to your environment.
  • You are not having quality time with others.
  • You want to create a strong bond with others.
  • You need to be articulate on your feelings.

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