Harnessing Power Of The Sidhe Moon

Photo credit to Robert Kirkwood

The moon is something near and dear to every witch’s heart!

The Sidhe Moon – is the second New Moon to occur in any one solar month.

The Sidhe moon is considered to be the reflection of the New Moon in The Otherworlds. The second Dark Moon in a month is named after the Sidhe.

The second Dark Moon in a solar month is propitious for connecting with Otherworld, working with the Daoine Sidhe, and adding psychic energy to magickal workings.

The Dark Moon is a liminal phase where the moon sits between it’s waxing (gaining in illumination) and waning (decreasing in illumination) phases.

The Dark Moon is also employed as a time for banishing, binding, or balancing; for honouring or exploring the chthonic aspects of oneself or of deities, or for transformational or ancestral workings.

The Dark Moon is the end of the previous moon cycle. It is the moment in time where we are absorbing everything that we learned & gained in the previous moon cycle.

Observe the Dark Moon on the night before the New Moon.
With Moon phases, the Goddess as Maiden is celebrated at the waxing crescent, as Mother at full, and as Crone at the waning crescent.

These phases make up the typical symbol of the Triple Goddess in Witchcraft. However, even in this emblem, the reverse side of the Full Moon portion is the Hidden Face, or Fourth Aspect of the Goddess – the Dark Moon. While the waning crescent honors the Crone of wisdom and age, the Dark Moon is the Goddess as Tomb and Womb.

The Other Moon is the reflection in this world of the Full Moon in the Otherworld. It is a glimpse into that realm from behind the Moon of the Other People, and so it is called the Sidhe or Fairy Moon.


While the New Moon honors the Dark Aspect of the Goddess as Crone, and the Dark Moon is held in hallowed reverence of the Goddess as the Tomb of Rebirth, the Sidhe Moon enhances magical practice with the Otherworld.

The day before the new moon is called the Dark Moon. We use this time for strong protection or defensive work. When there are 2 dark moons in a calendar month, the second dark moon is called the Sidhe Moon. This is the time for deeply personal internal or shadow work.


Any time two new moons occur during a single month, the second new moon is considered to be stronger than the regular New Moon. This is also the best time to use your most powerful banishing spells and ritual magick.


The Dark Moon is as important as the Full Moon and is a useful period for growth, for starting new ventures, or new beginnings. Of course sometimes to make room for new growth, something must be culled: something must die. What better time to banish the undesired?

You can celebrate the Sidhe Moon as simply or as extravagantly as you wish. To acknowledge the Sidhe, take extra time to leave out offerings. Milk and honey is the fairy path tradition, but the Sidhe like ale, mead, wine, and good food. Share some with them.

Celebrate the Dark Moon as you do the New Moon.

With the second Dark Moon this month, it is likely you will feel her presence within you in the forms of boosted creativity and empowerment. It is possible, with the air of empty focus mixed with passion, you will feel the urge to shelve the responsibilities you feel are less vital to your creative self. Maybe try to find new, creative ways to accomplish the things you need to.

imageTreat this moon like a Holiday, for the Witch has the opportunity now  to call on the Fairy powers and seek the aid of the Sidhe.

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