Harnessing The Energy Of Solar Flares Magick

How do you harness the energy of solar flares for your magic?

We have a Corona mass ejection, a big ball electromagnetic energy and the sun with a big black spot.

Is this a solar awakening ?

The polls are shifting. The geomagnetic field is expected to reach unsettled levels during the second half of today through April 1 and there is a chance for a geomagnetic storm.

This is due to the onset of high speed solar wind from a coronal hole, a powerful solar irruption on the far side of the sun.

The energies of solar flares and sandstorms can be very effective when harnessed for magic !

Serious eruption‘s and explosions on the sun surface emit tiny particles that fly into space.

Radioactive and magnetized, they wreck havoc .

Efforts to alleviate anger stress, anxiety and confusion or anything else you’d like to eradicate from your life work well now.

The trick is to visualize the problem breaking up in the particles that fly away and dissolve in the nothingness.

Conjure spells of light, growth, nurturing and transformation. Or you can call upon fire , heat and destruction to eliminate obstacles!


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