Pink Moon Ahead

April’s full Moon rises on the night of Monday, April 26. Traditionally called the Pink Moon, this full Moon will also be a spectacular supermoon! 

April’s full Moon often corresponded with the early springtime blooms of a certain wildflower native to eastern North America: Phlox subulata—commonly called creeping phlox or moss phlox—which also went by the name “moss pink.” 

As rain, thunder, and wind storms continue throughout the month of April, spreading seeds and life with it, we are reminded of the power and endurance of Mother Nature.

The Pink Moon spiritual meaning is all about optimism for the future and the anticipation of goals and dreams coming to fruition.


Pink is a color of love, but it’s softer and gentler than red and great for self-care. When you need to be kind to yourself, use pink. You can also use pink to nurture relationships, or if need help empathizing and understanding one another. Pink is incredibly healing, especially in matters of love.

Pink candles are also used for  emotional healing, emotional unions, partnership, domestic harmony, protection of children, nurturing, over all good will.

Pink candles are used in rituals to attract attention or achieve some other joyful purpose.

Pink crystal energy has a tendency to feel like a warm, gentle, loving hug for your heart. Calming, compassion-promoting, and very heart-healing, pink crystals are the perfect choice for adding more love and kindness into your life.

Pink Crystals are ideal crystals for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual protection, especially in situations that you have no control over.

They will help you keep a handle on things while also taking care of your overall well-being.

Pink Crystals can be very calming to the mind, and they can help you get rid of unwanted thoughts and mental stress.

Pink Crystals act like magnets that draw everything you need in your life so that you can grow and evolve.

These crystals will help you sustain the gifts that you have been blessed with, and they will show you how you can attract more blessings in the future.

The super pink moon is the first of a series of three consecutive super moons this year. Look up for the next ones on May 26 and June 24.

Make some moon water to store this turbo-charged energy for later use.


The supermoon light is cleansing to your mind, body, and spirit so spending time under its vibrant white glow is like a soothing bath sans water.

The greatest use of the supermoon is the great abundance it signifies, whether it’s love, wisdom, luck, happiness, or whatever else you’re seeking. To access the abundance, you’ll need to clear out what isn’t serving you right now.

This time is going to be extremely powerful, if you use it for what really need strong results from. Enjoy this amazing power to bring forth the things that you NEED most.

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