Averting The Havoc Of Mercury Retrograde


Mercury can be used for communications, magical tech support, travel, and transactional exchanges of all sorts.

So, why not benefit from the practice of Mercury magic and remediation instead of dreading it’s havoc.

Problems with Mercury can include struggling to communicate or articulate yourself clearly, frequently getting lost or not being able to find things, misplacing items, forgetfulness, chronic car trouble, and even a general sense of unluckiness or inability to find your way in both large and small ways.

Mercury’s colours are bright and orange, or multi-coloured.

Its number, magically speaking, is 8, though Mercury also strongly resonates with 2 (twins, Gemini) and even 3 (the Messenger frequently being the third wheel between to two parties).

Altars to Mercury can include skeleton keys, stimulants, and other items having to do with communication and getting from one point to another.

Good offerings for Mercury include candy, cigarettes, sweetened coffee, various alcohols and coins. Volunteering or donating money to causes that benefit learning, communication, and children’s learning specifically, are excellent planetary charity for the Mercurial sphere, especially on Wednesdays and during Mercury’s hour.

For two weeks before the time it is in full retrograde, Mercury appears to slow down. This is called its “shadow period” and we may experience some precursor effects as the planet’s movement from our perspective begins its transition.

This is a wonderful time to reconsider, redecorate, renew, regenerate, and revitalize. Reschedule, renegotiate, rewrite, re-create, and revisit. When you can, avoid new negotiations or contracts.

One of the best ways to cope with it is to just go with the flow.
It’s no secret that Mercury retrograde has a life-scrambling reputation!


Lavender – brings peace and tranquility to the table. Lavender calms the nerves and aids sleep and good dreams. (Burn lavender incense to banish negativity).

Mint – aids communication (great for all the miscommunication retrograde has caused) and physical healing.

Lemon – to purify the soul, improve vitality, and help friendships grow stronger.

Licorice is ruled by Mercury and also provides soothing comfort to the lungs and throat.

Basil supports a calm, clear mind while helping our bodies adapt to everyday stressors. 

Rosemary not only supports mental clarity and alertness, but is also deeply connected to our memory. 

Often times during Mercury Retrograde we can feel a little flighty and scattered, and lose our connection to the present.

Sage helps to anchor our mind, body, and spirit to the now and keeps us grounded and centered.

Working with Renaissance Astrology pentacles could possibly be best analogized to working with saints. These are highly beneficial and powerful beings whom you can make requests of, but cannot command.

SECOND MERCURY PENTACLE for secret knowledge and power.
THIRD MERCURY PENTACLE for invocation of Mercury spirits.
FOURTH MERCURY PENTACLE for secret knowledge and power.
FIFTH MERCURY PENTACLE for commanding spirits and opening all doors.

  • 1st Pentacle of Mercury 
    To call Earth spirits
  • 2nd Pentacle of Mercury 
    Grant wishes
  • 3rd Pentacle of Mercury 
    Writing, eloquence, communication
  • 4th Pentacle of Mercury 
    Acquire knowledge and uncover hidden truth
  • 5th Pentacle of Mercury 
    For opening doors of any kind

Purge negative concerns, set them ablaze with a lighter or match one by one and allow them to burn completely in the cauldron or fire-safe container. After placing each strip to burn in the container, say the following “The old is gone, the new begun, my will is done.”

Sprinkle a final dash of salt over the flames and the ashes of the paper strips and close the ritual.

Mercury Retrograde Cycle Oil Recipe

Blend the following essential oil into 1 ounce carrier oil:

9 drops Frankincense

9 drops Lemongrass

9 drops Myrrh

9 drops Sweet Marjoram

9 drops Ylang Ylang

Swirl gently until all oil are thoroughly mixed together before each use.

Use to help you relax & shift into a more “intuitive” perspective! Anoint candles, use 8 to 10 drops in bath, wear 4 to 8 drops as a body perfume, place 3 to 5 drops in water in an Aroma Lamp, Diffuser, or Oil Burner.


4 drops Clary Sage essential oil (brings clarity to thought and insights)
3 drops Mandarin essential oil (regulates qi, much needed during retrograde)
3 drops Frankincense essential oil (calms spirit, promotes circulation of qi)
2 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil (calms spirit, cools heat)

Power and The Craft

Hermetic principles teach us to have an active role in our lives. We are hardly inactive when it comes to protecting ourselves. We use our Magick and our science to get out of harm’s way and to help others do the same. We do not return harm or incorrect energy to those that wish it upon us, we neutralize it so it can harm none.
Laurie Cabot

Keep your head up, keep moving forward as the days go by.

You’ve got this!

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