Lore Of The Witches’ Moon

The Celtic Willow Moon is coming, it’s also the Witches’ Moon.

The Celtic tree month includes Apr. 15 – May 12.

Is it any wonder the Witches’ Moon comes during the time of Walpurgisnacht/Night Of The Witches and the other liminal time of Beltane, opposite Samhain on the Wheel of the Year, a time where the gates between worlds open and the otherworld is near. A most magical time for sure.

A time of power, strength and limitless possibility!

The Willow tree was sacred to the Moon and, in Celtic lore, Willow bark aided in the conjuring of spirits forth from the Otherworld.

Always known as a “tree of enchantment,”wear a sprig of Willow to acknowledge the power and status of the old “wise one”, the Cailleach of Celtic myth who was the Crone aspect of the triple goddess and to whom this tree was sacred.


Healing is in the air during the Celtic Month of Willow, inviting you to open your heart and express your emotions.

The Willow Moon offered a healing month to the Celts, who literally spring-cleaned themselves in steamy saunas, known as sweat lodges, in readiness for the Beltane festival at the start of May.

This month is the perfect time to perform lunar magic and to let go of the past.  Cast spells to restore and nurture during the waxing Moon and to release problems during the waning Moon.

The willow is imbued with the power of the Moon, and so it has always been particularly linked with witchcraft.  The traditional witches’ broom is bound with a willow branch, and lunar wands used specifically for Moon magic are made of willow wood.


from The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford

The watery willow encourages the expression of deeply buried feelings, easing sadness through tears and grieving, and teaching the consequences of love and loss in matters of the heart. The willow reminds us of
the need to let go sometimes, to surrender completely
to the watery world of the emotions and the subconscious, so that we may be carried toward a deeper understanding of our inner-most feelings,
toward a better appreciation of our hidden motives and secret fears and desires. Any suppressed and unacknowledged emotions can be a major cause of stress and illness. Through emotional expression,
and through the sharing of feelings of ecstasy and pain, our ancestors believed they could help heal the human spirit. The willow enables us to realize that within every loss lies the potential for something new.


A witch is a sophisticated holder of arcane spiritual knowledge and a being who is all instinct…….

Thoughts are energy and that’s where the magic is — in thought. We each are the strength behind magic.

Favorite  “witch” definition: Mark well their manner, for it is quiet and assumeth naught. It is in peaceful tones they speak, and oft seem abstracted. Seeming to prefer the company of Beastes, they converse with them as equals. They will dwelle in lonely places, there better (as they say) to know the voices of the Wind and hear the secrets of Nature. Possessing Wysdom of the feldes and forrests, they doe heale and arme with their harvests. They concerne themselves not with idle fashion, nor doe worldly Goodes hold worth for them.

Edward Johnston, Esq.

Sudbery, Suffolk, 1645

They will practice their magic in the fields, in forests, in their own kitchens. The point is, power cannot be suppressed.

That’s why we become witches: to show our scorn of pretending life’s a safe business, to satisfy our passion for adventure. . . . One doesn’t become a witch to run round being harmful, or to run round being helpful either, a district visitor on a broomstick. It’s to escape all that—to have a life of one’s own.

Be stirred, not by the drama, but by the nothing at all !

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