Rain Water Magick

The sound of rain is one of the most relaxing sounds in existence, easing away stress and making everything outside look more calm and quiet.

The sound of rain is great for helping one to fall asleep and for watching or listening to as read, or inspiration to write, like this article.

When it rains, the world softens around the edges; streets and sidewalks become a liquid mirror onto which lights and colors bleed. When it rains, everything becomes beautiful… for a while. -John Mark Green

Collecting magical rain water to use in rituals or spells even garden has become one of my favorite things.

The rain water has special meaning if captured on certain days, or moon phases or times of the year.


Magick falls from the sky every time it rains.

The list and uses are endless….

Days of the week

Monday rain- psychic awareness, cleansing & Goddess magick

Tuesday rain – intellect

Wednesday rain – courage & vigor

Thursday rain – wealth & employment

Friday rain – love & passion

Saturday rain – purification of the home and scared space

Sunday rain – protection & God magick

Moon phases

New moon rain – drawing in & new projects.

Waxing moon rain – blessings & new beginnings.

Full moon rain – goddess blessings, purification, ritual altar & tool blessing.
To collect Rain during the Full Moon is sacred waters to honor the Goddess.

Waning Moon-
Rain waters collected during this time is good for getting rid of things and for banishing or purging of negativity.

Dark moon rain – banishing & hex breaking, or to bring about difficulties to those who have troubled you.

Blue moon – miracles


Seasonal Rain… Sabbats… Wheel of the Year

Spring rain can be used for empowering new ventures and new starts. Such as a new relationship, new business ventures, a new job and so on.

Summer rain can be used to encourage growth, personal growth, spiritual growth or growth of a venture or relationship. It can also be used for rituals that are designed to overcome bad habits. It’s great for indoor plants.

Rain collected during the Fall should be used for giving thanks and showing gratitude for the abundance you have received during the year. It’s also great to give as an offering to your Deities thanking them for all they have brought into your life over the past year.

Rain of Winter can be used to take things out of your life to clear for the new, use it to wash away all the negative. You can also use this water to reflect on your dark side. Winter rain can be used for blessing a person, relationship, family or object.


Elemental Rain

Rain collected during a lightning storm has the greatest energy.

Wind storm rain – helps to remove blockages & move forward.

Rainbow rain – luck, talent, magick charms.

Hail storm – hex breaking & banishing baneful energies. Or sending back.

The list is endless…. sun signs, hours, monthly attributes, special days, like Birthday, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July…and we could get into a whole article on conjuring rain as well, ok, for another article.

Be creative, have fun, be blessed.


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