Dark Moon Work And The Power Of Bane

What if I told you that the dark moon is actually the most spiritually potent moon phase?

What is no longer working for you?

What is it that is driving you crazy?

Working with the Dark Moon can be a time for working with…..

cursing, curse-breaking

shadow work
removing fears, addictions, bad habits 

honoring underworld deities such as Hecate (the Dark Moon is also known as Hecate’s Night), Cerridwen, The Morrighan
honouring your ancestors and
working with the Crone aspect.


The dark moon brings closure to the last lunar cycle, providing an opportunity to reflect and ritually cleanse ourselves of the past month.

Transform Your Energy

Though the glowing luster of the full moon seemingly wins the majority of our adoration, the potency of the dark moon should not be neglected.



Hexing has a long history as a form of resistance and catalyst for change.

Hexing is a tool that can be used when all mundane options have been exhausted in a situation.

The best combo for hexing is a crystal-clear vision paired with pure, unbridled, steaming-hot emotion. This energy and manifestation are the driving-force behind a hex. Work yourself up, really soak in the aggravated situation and how it makes you feel, and then begin.

It is said, If you cannot hex, you cannot heal!


Two teachers and authors I have had the honor to work with are quoted here.
Sometimes handling life’s problems with sweetness and light just doesn’t cut it. You have to take action. Get tough. Speak to those ill-mannered, despicable folks in terms they’ll understand. If you don’t, they’ll just keep making your life a living hell, and reducing it to little more than a miserable existence. And when it gets to the point that you’ve had all you can stand – and refuse to put up with any more – give it….  Dorothy Morrison

Byron Ballard

We are house-clearing, baby-blessing, marriage-making, herb-swilling miscreants who answer to our personal ethical codes. We heal, we hex, we dance, we howl.

Don’t even start with me about the “ethics” of banework. Do not. You will not enjoy the turning of that conversation. 

This is some of what witches do. We are not your domesticated cattle to be milked for our abilities and turned docilely out to the field. We are beings who dwell amongst the bare trees, who smell the wind, who bring the work to fruition.

We are not your “bitches.” We are not owned.




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