Tapping Equinox’s Portal Of Magic

At this sacred time of the Vernal Equinox the day balances the night as the gods of light and dark meet in battle.

The vernal equinox is a time of magic, nature worship, gratitude, manifestation, metamorphosis, and balancing of universal forces.

This is a powerful portal, and time.

All things that no longer serve are cleared away, for this is a time of magic!

Work and direct this time with great purpose and wisdom.

Give me glory…. no bullshit

Give me peace……no drama

This cycle of nature and the balancing of universal energies has an impact on our lives.


We can approach this equinox differently knowing our thoughts, intentions, energy, and actions will impact the next six months.

We are the master of our destiny. Prepare yourself for this magical time, and celebrate it!

Where are we imbalanced in life, and what do we need to let go of from the past in order to make way for our amazing future?

See this time as the planting of a seed. It’s like a wish symbolizing our re-connection with Earth as it springs back to life.

The coming of the sun’s light and heat is a magical time, and was celebrated with ritual and ceremony for millennia before science explained what the equinox was all about.


At its heart, it is a natural revival. Ask yourself what needs reviving in your life…..Hope? Passion? Health? Following your heart? Vocation? This is a great time to literally start again. At the basis of spring is creative growth – the energy that fuels.

Open a doorway to light and energy between the physical world and the otherworld.

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