Eccentric Magic

Here’s to the Eccentrics, who live their truth, tell the truth, and refuse to take no for an answer.

We believe that anything is possible, and trust no one. We refuse to just hand over our power.

“Are you Wiccan, Pagan, both”? “Do you like to be called a Witch, or Warlock”?

Who cares! We are Magic people.

“Oh I’m not black, I can’t do Voodoo, I’m not from Haiti I can’t practice Vodou, and I’m not Cuban so Palo and Santeria are out”.

“I’m black, I can’t do Eastern European Folk Magic, or Celtic, or Strega”.


Who says! News… we are everything, we’re not limited, and hold endless potential as well as possibilities and we can pull from all things.

If I want to mix Santeria and Zuni or Pazuzu, doing Babylonian Hoodoo, I don’t need your permission and I’m not after your praise or approval.


I am the sum total of all of my teachers, my travels, every book I’ve read, every movie I’ve seen, all of my friends and my life experience and my magic is me!

Initiated or not, solitary or part of a Coven, you are everything and everything is you. Do what feels good to you, and know opinions abound.

A teacher once said “read and study all the history, then throw out all the books”. Do the same with your craft.

Eccentric Magic…. don’t take anything serious, laugh and the world laughs with you, let it go, but be damned serious about your magic.

Fuck everybody, but love everyone.

Study with masters then become the master, lovely accidents happen, expect the unexpected, ride with the tide, it’s never dull, and chaos does have its own order.

Try to learn everything and know it all, and know that you never will. Even geniuses are forever learning.

Grandmama Addams, Uncle Fester, and Grandpa Munster were my favorite people when I was growing up. They were special, they embodied aloof inner knowing, confidence, crazy, self respect, eccentricity, fun and were creative. They were my elders when I didn’t even know what that meant. They were, who I have strived to be my whole life, apart from the crowd, an alchemist doing my own magic, outside the circle, away from the rest.

Magic at the heart of me, when I didn’t even know it, this thing was blossoming, growing, my whole life,  and the spark was ignited long-ago with them, the courage and dignity of being who you are, when everyone else is listening and reacting to everyone else.


We stand apart, we can never blend. I have since learned that we are who we are, eccentricities, mistakes, as well as successes and have learned to love it, made peace with it, have recorded it.

This is my tribute, these charachtars have become friends and are the ancestors of my collected memory. They subconsciously fostered a love of all things dark and mysterious, the occult seeds that would later be me, ecstatic with Eccentric Magic.

Knowing who you are is a gift and an important skill that comes from having been tossed around the block, knocked about and whacked upside the head a few times in life.

Being proud of your mistakes and even navigating crazy are all lessons in having the guts to get through it when you all but wanted to shrivel under the covers forever, but yet you got on with what you needed to do somehow, and that was a testament to you. You learn to give yourself credit and honor it all because it built who you are.

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