Working Magic With Leprechauns

St. Paddy’s Day is March 17 and the wearing of the green.

It’s all about the green…..four leaf clovers for luck,  green candles, green – as in money, and, oh, leprechauns! Yes,  leprechauns and money go together like Guinness and Irish pubs and if you’re Irish it’s even more magic, but even if you aren’t they are merry little spirits with hearts of gold.

Offer them ……

Chocolates and coins of silver and gold, these little guys are on my work desk and home altars.

They love to give, just don’t get greedy.

You can offer them Irish whiskey or Baileys, or Guinness or Jameson.

Set out Aventurine, Jade and jade plants or mint.

Whether dressed in green coats or vests and tall green hats with their pots of gold, Irish lore says they are wizened and bearded older men…. sometimes they have been seen wearing a pointed hat and smoking a pipe.

Some researchers claim they date back to the 18th century and are water spirits that merged with mischievous fairies to haunt cellars and drink heavily. Others say they were shoemakers, which in Irish is ‘leath bhrogan’.

They love jewelry too, and if you treat them well they will grant you three wishes.

Don’t forget they love to have fun and can be little tricksters….so be respectful and play nice.

Remember,  life can be magically delicious!

Working with nature and portals, as well as money, are their expertise.

These esteemed little people are said to be descendents of the Tuatha De Danann, a group of magical beings who served under the gaelic goddess Danu and Irish legend says they lived in Ireland long before humans.

They are also cobblers and love shoes so think of them like German Saint Nicholas putting gifts in your shoes on this magical night!

St. Patrick’s Day is on a new moon this year, so drawing things and energy is all about.

Put your wishes out there, for, true magic happens whenever you believe!



One thought on “Working Magic With Leprechauns

  1. Happy st. Patrick’s day in advance! Thank you for sharing this post. All about green which means prosperity and flourishing. Sending nothing but positivity and greatness your way!


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