I See The Black Moon Rising

The night of a Black Moon is coming Sep. 30, 2016.

      “By the powers of witches and mages

By the wisdom of crones and sages

       By the Moon as it moves through its stages”

What is a Black Moon?

The second occurrence of a new moon in a calendar month.

The third new moon in a season that has four of them, (with a season being defined as the time period between a solstice & equinox or equinox & solstice).

The absence of a full moon in a calendar month.

The absence of a new moon in a calendar month.

Why is the Black Moon so special?

The black moon is considered to be a special time when any rituals, spells, or other workings are considered to be more powerful and effective.

A Black Moon occurs when there are two dark cycles of the moon in any given calendar month. It is believed that the second dark moon of a time of great power within the spiritual world and any magick worked during this time is especially powerful.

Black Moon is not a well known term in the astronomy world. In recent years, the term has been made popular by astrologers and followers of the Wiccan religion.


Black Moon Magic

A New Moon is a great time to set your intentions, write down goals or begin new projects for the forthcoming cycle. A Black New Moon is an auspicious moon that amplifies your intentions & inner-most heartfelt desires for the cycle. It is a powerful New Moon for alchemy and creative manifestation.

Utilize the Dark Moon energy leading up to the New Moon to do magic to remove harmful or unwanted influences. By tapping into the Moon’s decreasing energy, we release and banish those things that do not serve our highest good. It is a time to magically remove obstacles and anything that may be blocking us from achieving our goals.

This is the time when the moon is dark and not visible in our night sky for the second time in one month, and it amplifies any shadow work you may be undertaking.

This rare moon describes our relationship to the absolute, to sacrifice as such, and shows how we let go in life. It shows us where we question ourselves, our lives, our beliefs, and our paths. And it brings us the opportunity to let go of the deepest, darkest parts we’ve been avoiding.

The black moon is the second most potent time of the lunar cycle. Any highly difficult banishings that have been resistant to rituals performed on other nights of the waning moon can be abolished during this night when the moon is at it’s blackest in the sky.

Black Candle Magic…

The black candle is very powerful. It is one of the most protective colors. It can be used to bring a person back down to earth. It can also be used in various ways to uncover secrets. It can be used in meditation, to help us find the light within the dark. It stabilizes and awakens greater responsibility.

Black Salt

Black Salt is used in banishing, binding rituals or to quiet bothersome neighbors. Magically used to remove negative energies from items, or places. Often used to remove hexes and other harmful or negative energies. Cleanse your magical implements in a bath of black salt and water… and then wash in a bath of sea salt to purify the item and allow in only positive energies.

The Black Moon is also the perfect night for Black Mirror scrying.

It takes courage to look into the dark. It’s far too easy to show the world our fabulous selfies and wonderful family pictures and homey scenes for the Holidays.

Have you ever cracked open, bled all over, from the heart and soul………….

Til you really thought you had nothing left inside…………

empty, grasping, clawing, in a world that attempts to swallow you up every day……………

and nothing you can do will control anything, you think, you are literally a cat falling out a window.

All we have is ourselves, trying to figure it all out.

To slip ego off, like a dress, that is a real Magician.

Peter Carroll

Hecate, Dark One, hear my plea,

Bring swift justice now, I ask of Thee.

Right the Wrongs that have been done,

Avenge me now, Oh Mighty One.

Turn misfortune back to those,

Who caused my problems and my woes,

And heap upon them karmic debt.

Lest they all too soon forget,

Their wrongful actions, words and deeds.

Don’t let them get away scot-free.

Bring them forth from where they hide,

Bring swift justice, wield your Scythe.

Hasten, Dark One, hear my plea,

~Do what it is I ask of Thee~

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