Magic-An Account of Personal Experience

I am a person who has always believed in Magic. I am constantly learning, and on my quest have met many wonderful and knowledgeable people. I am deeply connected to the subtle flows of energy in the world around me. I have also seen many transformations in my own life because of it.

I was born on a Wednesday during the witching hour, Celtic on my Dad’s side, blending Scottish and Irish heritage, with my Mom’s side blending a Grandpa Gypsy tarot reader from Budapest, Hungary and a Grandma from Bratislava, Slovakia. I didn’t realise until later in life that it was no wonder I had been in love with Magic my whole life.

They say the teacher comes at the right time. I believe that. For when writing a story on Witches, Laurie Cabot and the Sully Erma VOODOO video rang loud and clear. Power, strength, together we stand. I’m all about that. As a speaker, and teacher, she made sense. In her videos, her books too. I wanted to study with her and followed through to 2nd Degree. As my life has progressed I have always wanted to expand learning, and submersing myself in other religions, it became alot like my love of travel from living with the Masai in Africa, to climbing Tulum in Mexico, to tracing the path of Dracula through the Romanian countryside. My travel started to take an occult turn, blending learning, too, on trips. Life is a journey. I have loved and been blessed with many teachers from learning Hoodoo with Lucky Mojo and Cat Yronwode, or Strega with Lori Bruno, Voodoo with Bloody Mary, Folk Magic with Orion Foxwood, Starr Casas. I wanted to get to know places as well, whether Salem, or New Orleans, in the Middle of Stonehenge or Avebury and stand in places out of time, and in time. Walking between the worlds in those places is on a daily basis, it seems. The ethers sing of MAGIC, it’s in the air we breathe.

Tempestuousness of the heart and soul. Isn’t that what we Witches want? To be free, to be wild, to laugh with crazed laughter at our foibles and fantasy, without a care?

That’s what cancer taught me. Even though you’re losing your hair you tell yourself you are beautiful in the mirror every day, and know in your heart that you are a survivor. You can get through this. You will, you do and you dare to laugh even in crisis, and you are able to move on.

Magic IS spells, it is intent. It is also a vein that runs through us making us want to read all the books, and meet others with the same interests. But whether in a Coven or all alone, you are at the core of the life you weave.

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