Surviving the Holidays with a little Magic

Yes, it’s that time of year again. We sit around the table, try to stay sane with a mutitude of expectations and lists floating through the day to day. Acomplishments, decorating, invites, gifts, money woes, crazy crowds at stores are all things that can take the Magic out of anyone’s Holiday. But….aren’t you happy you landed here, for some awesome TLC. You can listen to Desperate House Witches on this Friday 11/20/15, where we will be discussing bringing therapeutic Magic into our Holidays. I’ve also layed out some remedies here to hold you over, so you can prepare for next week, Thanksgiving and beyond. It’s never too soon to plan your approach, so here we go.

1. Crystal Grids..yes they work. You can control the flow of energy. Space some around the house, around a room, try it out. You will see and feel the difference.
anti negativity- use hematite, black tourmaline
harmony and communication- clear quartz , blue agate, pyrite
family- carnelian, citrine
love-aventrine, rose quartz

2. Herbs we cook with…yes, as you add them to dishes work your intent in as well, love, harmony, a wonderful season……
marjoram-protection, love, healing
rosemary-love, power, healing, protection
sage-wishes, wisdom, protection, healing
thyme-psychic, courage, healing, renwes your energy, and wards off negative energy
cinammon-prosperity, aphrodesiac, heal, cleanse, spriritual vibrations
clove-use to dispel negativity, protective, even bind those who speak ill of you (sprinkle the chair of the pest you need to win over at the table).

3. The color of our candles even the colors we decorate with are important to consider as well. I could give you a whole list, but it is also what you like and the meanings you group with each!  One year I did all lavendars and purples on the tree and around house and remember the stress being so not there.
lavendar-protection, intuition
purple-wisdom, psychic, authority, spritual awareness
gold-fortune, fast luck, positive attitude
silver-stability, intuition, magick,victory, communication

4. Declutter, only put out happy stuff and less is more.

5. Remember humor.

6. Put things in perspective. When all is said and done it’s  really only 5 weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year, and Gift certificates and cards are your best friend.

Wow I’m more relaxed just writing this.  Listen to us Friday night for more insight.

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