Magic For the New Year

A fabulous New Year awaits and today is the first New Moon of this glorious New Year. Not just a year to live but a year of life, hope, awareness, love and magic!

This being Sunday, the intent for magic is–health, healing, success, prosperity, creativity, confidence, hope, and strength. How powerful indeed.

I just celebrated an awesome Red Witch Birthday. I even received a gift of an Ancestry DNA Kit.

I gifted myself Waking The Wild Spirit Tarot and the new revised edition of Stories of the Wild Spirit by Poppy Palin. I have loved her since devouring her book Craft of the Wild Witch.

Needing a new challenge for the year, I enrolled in a Witches Academy, the focus, going deeper for a year and a day. This class, given by some awesome teachers, is headed by a Celtic Welsh witch and covers– Deities, History, Pantheons, Divination, Herbs, Tarot, Runes, The Wheel of the Year,-Quizes, Tests, including an extensive library with books galore on all manner of things, dreams astrology, crysytals, astral projection, chakras, elements, rituals, spells, grimoires, reiki. Fueling instruction, ideas, inspriation. Encouraging exploration.

It made me question why I was drawn to Magic, and what Paganism really means to me.

I really resonate with loving nature and taking care to honor it so that we can preserve what we can for future generations, animals too. I adore ritual and the freedom to be who I want spiritually. I love learning about many traditions and drawing from them, finding what resonates with me, I am a lover of the Wheel of the Year and the cycle of life as well as following the cycle of the moon each month. I talk to animals and hug trees. This paganism is so natural and allows creative, individualistic living in harmony with my surroundings. No dogma and no hard rules. That is my paganism. Howling at the moon or talking to an owl at night as we go back and forth with our calls. Best conversation there is.

Poetic, spontaneous, authentic. Interaction with the unseen. A life infused with mystical significance, steeped in deep enchantment. Allowing you to be yourself, your true magicaal self.

And thus do my wishes for the year

take on their own life and purpose.

So does the year itself

take on a glowing life and power;

A bright year, a bold year,

a golden year, a year of magic! From By Candlelight by Janina Renee

I am inspired to look toward a bold, beautiful year.

There is beauty, magic and meaning in the world if we only try to find it. Via communion with the mysteries we encounter in the wild heart of our being, and through the simple enchantments we undertake to both honour and mirror them, we are refreshed at a soul level and more able to respond to the demands of modern society. Poppy Palin from Craft of the Wild Witch

Please follow me as we embrace the year with our arms open to hug every opportunity coming our way, and embrace all the possibilities of our magic, together.

Red Witch

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