The Challenge Of Simply Being Who You Are

Living a magical life is one thing in theory, but life often takes us by surprise, and remaining calm, true to your self, and graceful under pressure can become distant skills not within reach when dealing with challenges or people that do not view things as we do.

One of my teachers once said “as you grow in magic you may have to let some people go”. Sometimes

those people are family.

This week is Thanksgiving. As we gather round the dining table, carving that delectable and lovingly basted turkey, mouth watering for the cranberries glistening in the glass bowl, champagne flutes clink and stuffing ready and steaming, candles all aglow……….I think about the people that will be around my table, and those that will not.

It came to me like a sonic boom the other day, that it is so strange, how a path that is all about magic, transformation and mind over matter, for the healing and betterment of all. Adoring the nature that we have around us and wanting to preserve it for the future. Reverence for ancestors and where we came from, our lineage…..and yet is such a hated , persecuted thing that makes people just turn away because of the color black, a witch hat, or a star, yes a star. Why is the pentagram so misunderstood? You put that same thing on your Christmas Tree and if not an angel, it often goes at the very top. You put a pentacle on your tree! Above all the boxes and bows and glittering lights that welcome the warmth of winter.

Religion I am finding, is a big issue for many. It’s even at the core of politics. “What religion are you?” Does it matter? It very much mattered to an Aunt who needed to ask “Are you raising that boy Catholic”? Even my sister has been known to make a flip comment about “that woo woo stuff you’re into”.

I have many friends online who have definitely also had experiences similar to mine and been outright shunned by family. In a time where the wonders of social media have us reconnecting to so many from childhood, school friends, and cousins. I will get asked questions that leave me stunned. “Are you Wiccan?” “Are you a witch?” “What is a Witch’s Ball?” “Are there Witch’s there?”

When you light a candle and say a prayer you are doing a spell. Yes, you too are a witch even though you do not chooose to call yourself one. Sending healing to loved one, calling on someone from beyond for love and encouragement in hard time, yes, that too is a spell. All of this is magic. We are not different, you call it Christmas, I call it Yule. You celebrate Michaelmas and I celebrate Mabon.

In a perfect world, family would always be there to support you and make you feel secure and safe. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

Family…at the core of such time invested in sharing, memories of picnics, birthdays and holidays, then just turn away aftetr years of being family! Because we are not your religion.

The definition of acceptance has to do with positive welcome and belonging, the ability to accept or to tolerate differences and diversity in other people or groups of people.

I am sad for anyone that does not embrace each day, seeing it’s potential for magic and wonder.

That what you believe you can do, you will do. Mind, heart and soul, finding the magic inside you. I am thankful this Thanksgiving, for all the wonder and magic in my life. I am thankful for the friends that get me and love me for who I am. I still forgive the people, even family who cannot stay close because we are not the same religion. How nice it would be to have a world where your race, sex, religion did not matter. Maybe one day. I hope soon.

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