Remembering 2 Awesome Teachers

We sit in that time inbetween time. Veils thinning at Samhain. Old friends whisper, and I am compelled to write about 2 friends that used to brighten our San Diego Pagan pride every year, now no more. I am saddened, but want to share the wonder they brought so many in rememeberance.

They say a great teacher is an energetic, dynamic person who truley enjoys teaching and conveys a love of their subject. Donald Michael Kraig and Peter Paddon did that and more. They were friends and more. I want to briefly share what they contributed to my Magick.


Donald Michael Kraig was fun, funny, playful, and full of life. I ran not walked to any Workshop he provided and ate it up like your favorite ice cream on a hot summer day! He had a UCLA degree in philosophy, was initiated by Raven Grimassi and by Scott Cunningham. He was also a trained hypnotherapist. and a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

He taught me that Magick-the science and art of causing change, with time, effort and dedicated intent anyone can perform acts of magick. He made me believe that all the fairy tales and stories about the powers of wizards, witches, magicians that you have heard or read about all your life are true! His lessons always fostered links between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Simply put, his walking students through NLP was a connection between the neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (“programming”) and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life. Get goal, feel it smell it taste it, be there totally doing, having it and takes you in time from now to desired outcome. Boom Magick!


Peter Paddon was my touchstone for getting in touch with the Wild, feral, visceral me inside. His Visceral Magick was all about bridging the gap between the mundane and Magick. He made it the best ride you could take and I’m a Disney ride junkie. It’s pulling out your deep, inward feelings rather than intellect. Ya like get rid of that left brain here, and embrace the right brain. The right side feels, the left side says, “What the…?” and does its best to put it to words. So shut up left and do Magick with the right. How to logically get rid of logic and to just create. I miss his Welsh accent and powerful way when working together. He embodied Hagrid and Harry Potter in one awesome package of reawakening my Celtic roots and knowledge.

Peter’s Crooked Path Podcast is chocolate I assure you, and Donald on you tube is a lesson you will love as well. These two individuals are treasures I had the opportunity to know. I was given a definite gift and hold it for you too, at this Hallowed, Magical time of year.

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