Keepin It Magic- Interview with Jacki Smith

originally published in The Sunday Stew 6/21/15 & 6/28/15 editions

Jacki Smith it’s such a pleasure to have you with us. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to even answer some questions.

Between all you do, with your podcast Keep It Magic, Coventry Creations, Motor City Hoo Doo, your books, articles and blog, how do you find the time in the day to do so much?

Jacki-There is not enough time in the day to do all of this, not even a witch could bend that kind of time. I have a wonderful team at Coventry Creations and Candle Wick Shop that keep things running while I grow our business through writing, podcasts and appearances. The reason we can work together as such a cohesive team is that there is a inspiring core vision, clear mission and strong values that we use to make our decisions. My business partners (and radio partner) are key and we all work diligently on our relationships to make sure we are working from the same vision. Managing my time is an art and I am still practicing it. My next goal is to make sure I have personal time to recharge scheduled in there.

I challenge anybody to not be amazed and take crazy notes trying to eat up everything that you and Storm break down on any one episode of Keep It Magic. Every season keeps getting better. Jackie what keeps it fresh for you and how do you keep your creativity and your muse coming up with new ideas?

Jacki-Storm is my rock with the Keep It Magic podcast. We talk quite a bit about life, media, experiences and technique and inspire each other. I listen to a lot of NPR, TED talks and of course my customers to watch what is trending in the world. Storm watches pop-culture, in an expert in astrology and a psych major so we brings some of the technical inspiration to the table.

I love doing this show with Storm and am so proud to be a part of his healing path (as he is mine too). We do stir up some ire out there and the gossip about us makes us laugh!

I love in your book Coventry Magic how you talk about transformational Magic. What was your most powerful transformational magic that you have seen helping you in your life and how did you encourage this?

Jacki-I am my most powerful example of transformational magic. I am a high school graduate and have accomplished all of this without a college degree. When I first started Coventry Creations I of course had been studying magic for a few years but I was also very uncertain of myself and filled my life with people who were toxic. My personal transformation was from being the wallflower to finding my personal power and authentic self. I went from working on instinct alone to having the courage to educate myself in magic, and business.

Here is the thing about magic, to be effective, it has to manifest in a tangible way in your life. I have cast about a million money spells and I sure did get some cash to tide me over. It was when I opened my eyes to what else those money spells were bringing to me that my transformation began. I was directed to mentors, books, new ideas and education. I would cast a spell for prosperity and then someone would stop by and tell me about a book they ready or a course they took. I learned how to listen to what my magic was bringing for me.

What is your favorite spell?

Jacki-Giving thanks is my favorite spell. Every time I think I need to light another money candle I stop and find gratitude first. I list it out, talk about it and recognize the people in my life to help me before I do any spell work. Sometimes that is all I need and the magic is ignited.

Your articles are thought provoking and informative. One that I read recently and enjoyed was Awakening the Magic Maker. With regard to making magic what advice can you give people for awakening the Magic Maker inside them?

Jacki-We are all magic makers and do it frequently. What I see is my clients hesitating on fulfilling their desires because they are looking for permission from someone of somewhere. You are all the permission you need to explore your magical side. You have permission from the universe to go play!!!!

Jacki what time of year do you resonate with the most and what’s your favorite Sabbat?

Jacki-I love the changing of the seasons more than any actual season. I have a majority of my astrology chart in mutable earth signs that I get a big energetic charge from change. I am not Wiccan so I don’t follow the Wheel of the Year religiously, but I love any Sabbat where I can get together with my friends and celebrate anything.

Do you remember a particular time that you were not able to really plan the perfect ritual, or couldn’t wait for the right moon phase, and you were maybe deflecting some crazy life had thrown your way? What did you do? What was your favorite approach and spell that you used?

Jacki-Although I am not Wiccan, I was trained in the Wiccan tradition and had to pull ritual together out of nothing. From those experiences I learned that you have to step into the stream of energy that is surrounding you and then use it to manifest the resolution to your wants and needs. If you are in the middle of chaos and turmoil, use that to being an unusual resolution. If it is a waning moon and you need to bring something to you, then use the energy to remove all obstacles to your goal. If someone is attacking you, they have to put a lot of effort and energy into it. It’s just energy so gather it up and use it to your benefit. Let’s face it, if someone is attacking you, you have something they want or envy. Gather up their energy to empower the strengths you have that they covet.

Aunt Jacki what is a little something about yourself that nobody knows?

Jacki-If I told you then people would know and then what would I have for the next interview? Many clients think I have the sweet life and that I started out with this confidence and sense of self. I did not. I came from a broken place where I was looking for acceptance where ever I could find it and I found all the toxic places that welcomed me into their crazy. I was shy and scared for decades. I hid behind the strength of others and did not own my power. It has been a long and strange journey to my authentic self. Thank you Danette! These were fun questions to answer!

Jacki Smith;

Enchantress, President and Trouble Maker

Coventry Creations, Candle Wick Shoppe and Type 40 Sales


The Seed of Magic are found in your imagination and planted in your deeds. Products for your soul

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