In The Time Of The Dark Mother

This is the time of the Dark Mother.

She sees wisely, and brings death close to remind us of the dark half of life, and to thin the veil between worlds so we can touch the mystery and deepen the day with night, sharpen the light with dark.

Balance is truth, and balance is beautiful. Darkness also holds beauty, and those who have a balance of light and dark and don’t see them as good and bad have valuable wisdom, and twice as large a basket to carry the harvest in.

This is the time of the Dark Mother.

Meditate on the darker aspects of your own soul. Is there a pain you’ve been longing to get rid of? Is there anger and frustration that you’ve been unable to move past? Is there someone who’s hurt you, but you haven’t told them how you feel? Now is the time to take this energy and turn it to your own purposes. Take any pain inside you, and reverse it.

We free ourselves to become authentic and to show up powerfully in our lives and in the world.

Our negative emotions are natural and part of our power. They are integral to the human experience. If we deny them, we cut ourselves off from our innate wholeness.

The dark goddess speaks of the world of emotions and subterranean forces, of feelings beneath the surface. 

That unseen transformative fire beneath the rich earth, wild magic, and the intuitive subconscious.

At this point, the world begins its descent into slumber for the winter.

The ancient Celts would conduct a mock sacrifice on this date, burning a wicker figure that represented the spirit of the vegetation.

The equinox is a powerful time energetically!

Mabon is a useful time for practicing protection magic.

Reflect on how you handle pressure, how you manage your and other people’s emotions, and how easily your peace of mind can be disrupted. Think about ways you can reduce stress and bring more balance to your days.

Recognize yourself to be in this cycle, as you stand here, now, before the Dark Mother, your darkest hidden versions of self to achieve and realise your full potential wholeness.