The Firefly Moon And July Magic

As summer peaks and rolls across the landscape….. we find ourselves in July.

The July moon, the Firefly Moon, also called the Thunder Moon as storms are more frequent during this season.

The July moon is about taking time to relax and recharge our inner selves. Explore your inner world, pay attention to what is surrounding you.

Go on walks, spend time at the beach, or in the woods. Be amazed by fireflies at the evening edge.



Fireflies, or lightning bugs, aren’t actually flies at all for that matter, they’re not even really bugs, either. In fact, from a biological standpoint, they are part of the beetle family.

The scientific name for the compound that helps fireflies light up is luciferin, which comes from the Latin word Lucifer, meaning light-bearing. The Roman goddess Diana is sometimes known as Diana Lucifera, thanks to her association with the light of the full moon.

The Mayans associated fireflies with the stars, and the Gods.

Childhood wonder, Magic, connections to the heavens, stars, and the brevity of life appear to be universal themes in firefly lore.

What dates you’ll begin to see fireflies in your back yard is somewhat of a mystery, and changes from year to year. But scientists do know that air temperature and rainfall have something to do with it.


Timing is everything for fireflies and those of us searching for them. They are like wildflowers in many ways, with the light ever increasing to the Solstice around June 21.

These insects inhabit the border between magic and reality.

Fireflies remind us that we’ve got to let our light shine to be seen and attract the good stuff we desire in our lives.

Their swiftness as mystical little creatures, shows us how fast a moment can be gone, reminding us to enjoy every minute.

Time to let go of what no longer serves us, to make room for no opportunities.

Go with the flow, relax and rejuvenate is July’s message.



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